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February 19th, Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Title: “Universe 9’s Universe 7’s Majin Buu vs Basil of universe 9! Intrusion at the Tournament" / "The Dark Prince Returns". Gohan attacks majin buu. The boys enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and begin to train. After Spopovich and Yamu deliver the energy to Babidi, the wizard has no use for them, and he kills both of them. Gotenks and Buu continue their fight. A frustrated Chi Chi and the boys leave without him. Supreme Kai offers Goku and Vegeta his fusion earrings, but they both refuse them. At Capsule Corporation, Trunks and Dr. Brief frantically search for the Dragon Radar. He tells them what's going on, and that to defeat Buu, they need to raise their hands up and offer their energy. Polunga and the Two Wishes" / "Earth Reborn". These wishes are granted, and even Vegeta himself comes back to life, proving that he is no longer evil. Although he is urged to fight it, Babidi's magic is too strong, and Vegeta's impure heart gives in. "An Astounding Great Transformation!! A Decisive Battle with the Universe at Stake" / "Battle for the Universe Begins". The Supreme Kai tries to stop him, but he sees that it is no use. Piccolo tells him to wait thirty minutes for the fusion to wear off so they can try it as Super Saiyans. / "He's Always Late". They all combine to make Majin Buu whole again. Suddenly, the sky turns black, and they realize that Bulma is calling the dragon. Seeing this, Goku again becomes a Super Saiyan, allowing Yakon to suck up all the light energy he can. Gotenks is Absorbed!?" Infuriated at being toyed with by a piece of candy, Buu changes it back into Vegito, who then continues to beat him up. He blasts him apart, but he reforms. They are able to fly out through here, and when they emerge on the other side, all six of them regain their normal size. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. "The Ace Up Boo's Sleeve!! Song - Steve Aoki - Chala Head Chala [XenoVerse 2 Remix]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ0qaLoPeHw Thanks For Watching! Sagase Doragon Bōru, Dekkai Kibō!! Goku's Dream is Super-Huge" / "Goku's Next Journey". "I Won't Allow the Revival!! Gotenks decides to use another one of his special moves, called the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Goku is ready to throw the Spirit Bomb, but Vegeta is in the way, and, despite Vegeta's pleas otherwise, he refuses to take out Vegeta along with Buu. Buu moves around but Vegito simply continues to pound him. King Yemma apparently heard Goku's wish right before the evil Buu was destroyed, and he reincarnated him as a good person named Uub. Ma no Meikyū!! However, Goku says that there is someone who is 100% human that can threaten to beat him and Vegeta. This time, Buu takes Goku's advice and turns on his master. Realizing this, Vegito tries to stop him, but Buu has put up a shield around himself. He knees Goku, t… Buu demands to fight Gotenks, but Piccolo knows that the boys aren't ready. Meanwhile, back at the lookout, Goku breaks the news about Vegeta and Gohan to everyone, as both of them are believed to be dead. !” Today Majin Buu showed his true power at First he was just playing with the Universe 9 Basil but after Basil was given a drug by the universe 9 Kai, Gohan ni Semaru Shi no Kyōfu, Tabechau zo!! He clearly is far superior to even the new Super Buu. Kuzureru Bū kara Dasshutsu, Chikyū Shōmetsu!! In the world of the Kais, Kibito heals Gohan, and the Supreme Kai tells him about the Z Sword. His power is so incredible that Gohan, the Supreme Kai, and Kibito can feel it in the world of the Kais. Goku and Uub fly off into the distance with whoops of joy. Majin Bū Yoi Ko Sengen, List of Dragon Ball Z episodes (season 8), "Funimation Entertainment Announces First U.S. Release of Dragon Box", Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku. After absorbing Vegito, Buu notices that he has not taken on any of his characteristics. Vegeta starts to beat up Pui Pui with no effort. Goku is able to break free, and the battle resumes with crushing force. Just as Buu's about to eat the Supreme Kai, Vegeta makes his presence known by destroying Babidi's spaceship. Boo-Boo Volleyball" / "Gotenks is Awesome". Victorious, the fighters head to the next level. "Where is Gohan!? Knowing he's outmatched, Piccolo retreats. He starts to help Gohan with his training with the Z Sword until Gohan is ready to fight Buu again. He instructs Dende to wish for Goku's power level to be restored to its normal, healthy level. Despite the fact that Vegeta recognizes that he will need a miracle to survive a minute against Buu now, he reluctantly steps in while Goku is powering up, even though Goku tells him that if he is destroyed when he is already dead, Vegeta will no longer exist in any form. He gives Buu until the count of ten until he destroys him, and during this countdown, Buu notices a part of himself that Vegito tore off down on the ground. A Conclusion in the Kaioshin Realm" / "True Saiyans Fight Alone". Meanwhile, back at the World Martial Arts Tournament, only five fighters remain because the rest of them flew away. Then Majin Vegeta starts the fight by rushing at Goku, and starts punching and finally lands one. 18 takes out one of them, and Mighty Mask, composed of Goten and Trunks, takes out another. Hysterically upset at the prospect of being trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber forever, with nothing to destroy and no candy to eat, Super Buu starts to scream. He starts to pound Buu with relative ease. Back at Buu's house, Hercule arrives to defeat the evil creature. He and Piccolo then play some volleyball with Buu, and Gotenks spikes him down to earth. Check this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot) walkthrough on Majin Buu Saga Episode 7 & 8. "For Those Whom He Loves... Vegeta Perishes!!" With Buu once again ready to fight, Gotenks only has a few minutes until he separates. Suddenly, Fat Buu gets up and holds Kid Buu down long enough for Hercule to pull Vegeta to safety. Aired Episode Number: Episode Name. Trunks returns to the lookout with the Dragon Radar. [citation needed], Funimation released the season in a box set on February 10, 2009, and in June 2009, announced that they would be re-releasing Dragon Ball Z in a new seven volume set called the "Dragon Boxes". Gohan and Dabura continue fighting, and from the outset it is clear that Gohan has lost his edge after not training for seven years and as a result is weaker than when he fought and killed Cell. The two last surviving Saiyans fuse and a new being is created. Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dragon_Ball_Z_(season_9)&oldid=993317947, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2008, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Run Away, Satan!! He suddenly senses that Vegeta has returned, and uses Instant Transmission to teleport to his location. Goku and Yakon start to fight. The problem is that these moves, while flashy, are ineffective against Buu, not to mention they have ridiculous names, like the "Screaming Angry Wombat". Their search for the seventh one leads them to a nest full of eggs, but before Bulma can grab it, a dinosaur eats the entire nest. Has Boo Snapped!?" Inside Super Buu, Gotenks' fusion wears off, splitting back into Trunks and Goten, causing Buu to lose well over a third of his power and his appearance to change. Now back in control, Buu toys with Goku, telling him he has some time to find someone to fuse with. Yamcha hits the beast with an energy ball, which causes it to fly into the ocean. Sono Na wa Gotenkusu, Saishū Heiki Shidō!? The boys seem to have developed a few new tricks, and they have planned their fight with Buu. 18 gets Hercule in a headlock, and she uses the opportunity to cut him a deal: she'll throw the match if he pays her double what he wins for the title. Gokū Omae ga Nanbā Wan da, Bejīta no Hisaku!! "Peace Returns!! Gohan attacks majin buu. The Original Boo is Revived" / "Old Buu Emerges". It seems Super Buu might sleep out the hour that Goten and Trunks desperately need, so that they can do … Yakon, the devourer of light, sucks up the light emitting from Goku. Six months later, they use their remaining wish with Shenron, asking him to erase the memory of Majin Buu from the mind of everyone on earth, so that the good Buu can assimilate into society. As Vegeta recovers, Goku continues to fight the thought form of Super Buu. Vegeta refuses, as he apparently has not lost complete control of his mind. Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks spread out into the city, hoping to convince people to raise their arms. Follow. Super Buu blows up the other gunman, and spies another person hiding nearby. He reluctantly agrees, and the fight soon ends with Hercule as the victor. Not something audiences are used to when it comes to DBZ. Log In. The first English airing of the series was on Cartoon Network where Funimation Entertainment's dub of the series ran from October 2002 to April 2003. Chikyū Jinrui Zetsumetsu, Ijigen kara no Dasshutsu!! Next up is Goku against a ten-year-old boy named Uub. Dabura tries his best to destroy Buu, but he is nowhere near strong enough to do the job. Bulma has invited everyone to a barbecue at Capsule Corporation, and Goku's family is ready to leave. Back on earth, Buu is starting to become desperate. Noticing this, Dabura tells Babidi to return them all to the ship. Thrilled that his son is still alive just like Videl said, he searches for his energy signal, and uses Instant Transmission to go there. Buu thrashes Vegeta, but every time he gets knocked down, Vegeta gets up, ready for more. Goku and Vegeta deflect it. Goku gives Gohan one of the last two senzu beans before he and the Supreme Kai go further into the ship. Unfortunately for Pui Pui, Vegeta trains at five hundred times of earth's gravity, and he easily destroys Pui Pui. Before she leaves she realizes that Gohan was the kid who defeated Cell and not her father, and says that she will date him once he comes back. Piccolo, too, has been covered by a pink blob. No one else is willing to listen to a mysterious voice from the sky. After they hatch, he finally arrives at the party, to the delight of everyone. As Buu is preparing to eat Shin, Dabura suddenly throws a spear through him. Buu decides to be friends with Hercule. Just when it seems like Buu is dead, a powerful blast of energy comes from the crater. "Merged!! To avoid this, Babidi commands Vegeta to kill the Supreme Kai, but Vegeta refuses. Meanwhile, before Gohan and the supreme kai can stop Babidi, Buu has finally gathered enough energy, and has begun to hatch. Though incredibly powerful, Vegeta's attacks do nothing to Majin Buu. Hercule decides to finish the tournament with all five remaining fighters in the ring at the same time. 8,347 people like this. Buu creates a toilet in the middle of nowhere, and comically stinks out the surrounding area, including Dende and Hercule Satan. He retrieves the radar, and heads back to the lookout. They were just Buu's thoughts. Majin Buu is a character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z. He arrives at Dende's lookout. ! Meanwhile, Gohan and the Supreme Kai have made it all the way to Buu's ball, but Babidi and Dabura are waiting for them. Buu then uses Gotenks' Galactic Doughnut trick on Gohan, and aims a Kamehameha wave at him, but Gohan is able to summon enough strength to break free and move out of the way in time. Gotenks and Piccolo destroy all of the pieces, but the smoke coming from the pieces gathers above their heads and reforms Super Buu. "A Demonic Maze!! The Evil Buu eats the good Majin Buu and gains his power, thus becoming Super Buu. He then powers back up to Super Saiyan 3 and continues their furious fight. Gohan escapes before Buu explodes, and he takes the others with him out of the blast radius. 18 and Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks) start to fight, and because they are able to use their arms and legs simultaneously as Mighty Mask, they have the upper hand against 18. The … As Goku is preparing to leave, Vegeta knocks him out with a blow to the head and takes the final senzu bean, and promises to kill Buu himself. Satan wa Chikyū o Sukuu, Korosu no Yameta!! The 34-episode season originally ran from March 1994 to January 1995 in Japan on Fuji Television. All of Planet Namek’s, Vegeta Fat Buu, Mr. Satan, everybody had to get involved here to help Goku. Hercule finds the still body of Fat Buu, and asks Dende to heal him so that he won't die. Vegetto is Absorbed" / "The Incredible Fighting Candy". Goku tells Babidi to transport them far away from people, and the wizard obliges. It seemed like Gohan would have an overwhelming victory, but Majin Boo absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks, powering up even further! Finally, he becomes a Super Saiyan 2 and gives off a flash of brilliant energy which is too much for Yakon to handle. / "Magic Ball of Buu". Meanwhile, in Other World, King Yemma decides to send Vegeta back to earth to help in the fight against Majin Buu. Vegeta knows what Buu did to Gohan, and he vows that when Goku regains consciousness, this will all be over, even if it costs him his own life. They decide that Goten and Trunks will learn this new trick, but the only problem is that it will take about a week to learn it, and Goku has less than a day left on Earth. Goku and the daddy worm exchange pleasantries, while Vegeta feels comically sick due to the worms. After Gohan expertly pounds him to a pulp, Buu heals himself and steps up the intensity, but Gohan still has the upper hand. After a long journey, they finally arrive in Buu's head, where they encounter what appear to be Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks. He promises to atone for what he's done, and he powers up. One Life-Threatening Minute" / "Minute of Desperation". They are just about to wake Trunks and Goten when Babidi suddenly starts a global announcement. Back on earth, Kid Buu creates a powerful ball of energy and throws it at the earth, intending to destroy it. The day of the tournament comes, and old friends catch up. To play up the drama of the situation, Gotenks acts like he's out of ideas, and Buu begins beating up the fused Saiyan. Now Goku asks the earthlings to raise up their arms, and small pockets of people who recognize his voice or just like the sound of it do so, but the vast majority remain uninterested. / "Battle Supreme". Videl goes swimming after it, and with a little help from Master Roshi, they are able to extract the ball. Kid Buu was the last version of the character that the Z-Warriors had to face, but he had other forms that the heroes had to fight as well, beginning with the most well-known incarnation of the character, who is simply called Majin Buu. Vegeta reminisces about all of the fights he and Goku were in. Piccolo catches up with Krillin, telling him that the world's last hope, Goten and Trunks, must be protected. The episodes also aired in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland. Goten and Trunks wake up, and they learn about Vegeta and Gohan's (supposed) demise. At full strength, he ferociously attacks Buu. "A Hero Lost!? "A Last Hope!! The wish is granted, and upon turning into a Super Saiyan Goku is easily able to force the Spirit Bomb back at Majin Buu. Yamcha, 18, Bulma, Videl, and Chi Chi, among others, go looking for the Dragon Balls. He even blasts a hole in the monster, but Buu is able to regenerate his body. To give his fighter the advantage, Babidi changes the room to mimic Pui Pui's home planet, where the gravity is ten times that of Earth's. Goku Instantly Transmits himself back to the lookout. "Don't Toy With Me!! "Truly 'Great'!! His legs deal Tien a crushing kick which completely incapacitates him and then they return to Buu. / "The Innards of Buu". Vegeta says it is too dangerous for any form of Majin Buu to survive, but Hercule continues to plead with him. He reabsorbs the blob containing Gohan, and is now even more powerful than he was with Gotenks absorbed. Just before it hits, it is deflected by Tien's Tri-Beam attack, who has decided to help, even though he is terribly outclassed. Gekitotsu Gokū tai Bejīta, Zetsubō e Itchokusen!? After Vegeta's eruption, Piccolo returns to the scene of the battle. Vegeta finally agrees, and only when he puts the earring on does Goku mention that the fusion is permanent. The Supreme Kai believes that Gohan possesses the strength to do so. He communicates with Dende, telling him to go to New Namek and gather the Dragon Balls. Babidi tells the earth that anyone with any information about Piccolo, Goten, or Trunks should tell him. On their way through his body, they notice one of the tunnels that leads to one of the holes in Buu's skin where the steam escapes. Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 in an attempt to hold Buu off while Gohan searches for the earring. The first English airing of the series was on Cartoon Network where Funimation Entertainment's dub of the series ran from October 2001 to October 2002. He goes from planet to planet, looking for Goku and Vegeta, and then destroys each planet when he doesn't find them. Now Ten Years Old, the Former Majin!?" Orla Ammon. While Hercule gloats, Kid Buu wrestles with his mind for a while, then spits out the fat form of Buu, who, though not part of his physical being, was still inside of Kid Buu. Back on earth, Babidi and Buu continue their reign of terror, and Goten and Trunks tell him that they're going to destroy him and Buu. 18's Close Fight!?" However, Gohan tells him that he doesn't need a Senzu Bean, not wanting anyone to interfere in this battle, wanting to use only his power. To buy time, he tells Buu that he can spend a day killing the rest of the people on earth. Goku says that he and Goten will be entering the World Martial Arts Tournament, so Vegeta says that he and Trunks will do the same. Trunks knocks Buu away from his father, and he and Goten free Vegeta from his bonds. Old Kai tells Supreme Kai and Kibito to try a fusion with their earrings, but only after they fuse together does he reveal that it is a permanent fusion. Gohan's recovery is short-lived, because Buu hits him with an energy blast of incredible power. For the first time, Vegeta embraces his son. Vegetto Surpasses the Ultimate" / "Meet Vegito". Including Majin Boo story guides, gameplay tricks, boss fight in the arc, location. Back inside Majin Buu, Goku and Vegeta also find the fat Majin Buu. Goku and Vegeta feel Buu's surge of power, and Goku convinces Vegeta to postpone the fight until they can take out Buu. Buu is able to heal the dog, and the three friends continue having fun. Mike, Ajay, Terez, Ken, Jake, and Heath review the full Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc from the Dragon Ball Super manga! Vegeta reveals that he knew he could never surpass Goku's strength, so he allowed himself to be taken over by Babidi. Goku, You Are No. At Stage 5, Gohan and Supreme Kai descend Babidi's spaceship, with one goal in their mind: not to let Majin Buu be reborn. If you're expecting much in the way of action, you'll be disappointed as this is more of a story-based episode. Goku and Vegeta start to fight, and their raw power is astounding. Meanwhile, Dabura has finally finished his meditation, and is ready to fight Gohan. Dabura insults Majin Buu, and with a single blow, Buu dispatches with the King of the Demons. Buu starts walking around the edge of the lookout, and Piccolo uses this time to tell Krillin to wake up the boys and get them into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train. The Supreme Kai transports himself, Dende, and Old Kai to a distant planet so they will be out of Goku and Vegeta's way, along with a crystal ball that allows them to watch the battle. After it is clear that these moves have no effect, Gotenks talks strategy with Piccolo. They will train the rest of the day and fight Majin Buu tomorrow at full strength. Bejīta no Hokori to Gokū no Ikari. As the Earth is about to be destroyed, Supreme Kai appears and instantly transmits Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Hercule, and Bee to the world of the Kais. Everyone has arrived to watch. To his great surprise, the sword is incredibly heavy, and he must now train himself to use it. "A Wicked Heart Discovered!! The Legendary Z-Sword" / "The Z Sword". He creates a massive ball of energy, and throws it towards the earth. Buu claims that he has yet to fight at his full power. Afterwards, there is no sign of Buu, but Gohan knows that he's still around. This time, the sword can't cut it, and breaks under the pressure. Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 : Goku Y Vegeta (Vegetto) VS Majin Buu, Super Buu (Gohan), Kid Buu ! While discussing tactics, Goku reveals that he knows of a method by which two similar-sized people can fuse together into one ultimate being. Vegeta reluctantly agrees, and the Fat Majin Buu is healed. A Wide-Open Super Gotenks" / "Super Moves of Gotenks". "Seize the Future!! Dende heals Gohan's injuries, so to prevent this from happening again, Buu creates a giant energy ball and aims it at Dende. Death's Dread Draws Near Gohan" / "The Terror of Majin Buu". Goku shakes off the slime, and blasts the worm, injuring it. Both for the viewer and for the characters in some ways as Majin Buu thanks to a tremendous team effort from the entirety of planet Earth. When Goku does power up slightly (in his normal state) Uub nearly falls out of the ring, but Goku saves him from hitting the ground. Unfortunately, they forget to take Hercule and Bee along. Butōkai Rannyū, Shukumei no Chōtaiketsu!! But from out of the Z Sword comes Old Kai, who is fifteen generations older than Supreme Kai. Goku decides to power up to Super Saiyan 3. He then creates a ring of energy, the "Galactic Doughnut" and uses it to trap Buu. Inside Buu, Vegito still exists intact, and separate from Buu. "Earth Disappears!! The now deceased Old Kai gives Goku his earrings. Buu completes his walk, and raises up his arm. The Supreme Kai and Old Kai take Dende there, and the Namekians are waiting with the seven balls. / "Vegito...Downsized". Escape from a Collapsing Boo" / "Evil Kid Buu!". "Where Is the Exit!? He went up against Superboy, twice in both an episode of One Minute Melee and DBX. Buu calls each of the blobs back to him, which merge with him, changing his appearance and giving him access to all of Piccolo's and Gotenks memories, abilities and power. The world champ, thinking that it's all a dream, tries to attack Buu, but is obviously far too weak to do any damage. When they make it down to the final floor there is no sign of Dabura or Babidi, but the Sealed Ball lies in front of them. The ball opens, but after some pink steam escapes, there is nothing left in the ball. Upon their return to the lookout, Buu tells Gotenks that he ate all of his friends, and enraged, Gotenks promises Buu that he will pay. We'll Make a Huge Genki Dama" / "Call to Action". Vegito and Buu continue to fight, and Vegito is still far more powerful than his opponent. Goten and Trunks successfully fuse as Super Saiyans, but once again, their ego takes over. He finally admits to himself that Goku is better. Goten vows to train as hard as he can for what Buu did to his mother. "Has He Done It!? It turns out that Vegito had planned this, putting up a barrier during the absorption, and letting himself be shrunk by Buu's magic absorption process, but not incorporated into his being. Goten and Trunks heal up from their injuries. Babidi doesn't believe him, and now Buu's plans have changed: Dabura is next on the menu. Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dragon_Ball_Z_(season_8)&oldid=993316859, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2008, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The Man Behind the Curtains Appears!! Goku tells Shenron that they will postpone their second wish, and uses Instant Transmission to take everyone there back to the lookout with him. "The Seal is Broken! Supreme Kai takes them all back to Dende's lookout, where they reunite with friends and family. Buu begins beating up Gotenks, who is now no match for him. A Reborn Gohan Returns to Earth" / "Unlucky Break". He repeatedly dominates Buu, which makes Buu angrier and angrier. Buu cleans his clock, and just as he's about to deal Vegeta the finishing blow, Goku pushes him out of the way. Gohan is no match for the new Super Buu. Back on earth, Dende and Hercule arrive at the battle scene, just as Buu has decided to destroy the earth. An Angry Majin Boo Emerges" / "The Evil of Men". The Special Training Transformation Pose" / "The Fusion Dance". Tsukuru ze Dekkai Genkidama, Chōkangeki!! His transformation into Super Saiyan 3 was very draining, and it ate up a lot of his time that was left. He sends all but one at Super Buu, and they reduce him to a deformed puddle of his former self. Her wish was to bring back everyone that died today. He is about to finish Gohan, when Bee comes running up. S13, Ep12 1 Nov. 2001 He tells Vegeta that it's his turn, but Vegeta declines, deciding that he is no match for Buu. / "Learn to Fuse". Based on the original series masters with frame-by-frame restoration, the first set was released November 10, 2009.[1]. Buu is blasted apart by the explosion but he reforms after the destruction of the Earth, and goes on a rampage throughout the galaxy. "'Gonna Eat'cha!!' Though Buu seems intrigued by the thought of killing his master, he dislikes Goku as much as he does Babidi, so he decides to attack Goku. Vegeta says he doesn't want Goku distracted while they're fighting. Porunga is summoned, and Vegeta tells Dende his two wishes: bring back the earth and restore it to its undamaged state, and bring back all of the non-evil people that died since the morning of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goten and Trunks decide to test Super Buu by trying to pull his head tentacle, but Piccolo quickly calls the two boys back. Majin Boo's Great Explosion" / "Search for Survivors". Thinking that Gotenks cannot stop Buu, Piccolo destroys the door to the outside world, which traps the three of them in the Chamber for all eternity. 8,322 people follow this. Babidi transports them all back to the World Martial Arts stadium where he instructs Vegeta to kill his friends. "See You Later, Everybody!! Dabura decides that he will fight this time, but first he goes to the meditation chamber to prepare. Hercule tries to save Bee, but is only several times stronger than the average human - nothing compared to Buu. Buu turns him into a cookie and eats him. Gohan has become a scholar, and Trunks and Goten are in their late teens. Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai has recovered, and is searching for Gohan. Babidi tells Supreme Kai that he has waited to watch him die, and Babidi moves Gohan and Supreme Kai to the outside of his spaceship. Goku is training with Goten when Bulma and Vegeta, who have a new daughter, Bulla, show up after not seeing him in five years. Evil Buu and Good Buu begin to fight, and it's clear that Evil Buu has the advantage. Buu begins giving off more steam than ever, and the steam is congealing in the sky. His hair grows down to his knees, and his eyes change, and his eyebrows disappear. On the world of the Kais, Old Kai has finished his five-hour ritual. With Dabura gone, Krillin and Piccolo, despite his statue being slightly broken, are able to come back to life. These three begin attacking Goku and Vegeta, and even though Goku and Vegeta manage to defeat their mysterious attacks, they just get back up again and continue fighting. Bū no Onaka ni Nani ga Aru!? In exchange for a date with Bulma, Old Kai agrees to awaken Gohan's sleeping powers. (Albeit in a higher pitch). The two gunmen proceed to shoot rockets at Buu's house. Motto Tsuyoku!! Out Comes the Vicious Majin Boo!!" Buu lands a powerful hit on Gotenks that sends him flying back into The Lookout. After this Human Extinction Attack is finished, only Hercule, the dog Bee, Tien, and Chiaotzu remain on the surface, as well as the people on the lookout. "Vegeta Takes Off His Hat!! Dende and Hercule continue to follow Buu. When they hear the familiar voice of the World Champion, all of the people of earth raise their arms and offer their energy. The ninth and final season of the Dragon Ball Z anime series contains the Fusion, Kid Buu and Peaceful World arcs, which comprises Part 3 of the Buu Saga. "A Fissure Between Dimensions!! Harapeko Majin no Chōnōryoku, Senshi no Ketsui!! But when she steps up the intensity, they can't keep up with her, so they decide to turn into Super Saiyans. "Goku's Power Wide Open!! The Genki Dama From Everyone is Finished" / "People of Earth Unite". "The Terrifying Majin!! Zen'aku Bū Bū Taiketsu, Matta nashi no Hakyoku!! He finally reveals the main part of his plan to destroy Buu: the Spirit Bomb. Buu folds himself into a ball again, and hits Goku hard. Blow Away Yakon" / "Next Up, Goku". Super Buu then brutally kills Smitty, the second deranged gunman, by turning into liquid and going down his throat, making him expand until he explodes. They realize that this is a battle they cannot win. Of course, Goku who was no slouch also trained in the other world tapping into not only Super Saiyan 2 but Super Saiyan 3 at some point during those seven years. Goku and Uub begin to fight, and it's clear that Uub doesn't know much about fighting. Vegeta and Goku power themselves up to their maximum level, and are ready to fight. "Birth of a Superhuman Warrior!! I Am Pan!!" / "Ready to Fuse?". Gohan is a character from Dragon Ball Z, Kai, and Super and the son of Goku. Gotenks thinks he's powerful enough already and takes off to find Majin Buu. "Confrontation with the Demon King! Goku puts all of his energy into a massive Kamehameha, but Buu just reforms afterward. Kaiōshinkai no Mōtokkun, Gattai Chōjin Tanjō!! As they journey through his innards, they encounter tiny green pieces of slime The slime starts to attack, and it completely covers Goku, electrocuting and paralyzing him. Vegeta decides to blow up the ship and Supreme Kai begs him not to and Vegeta refuses to listen and Goku stops Vegeta. Kid Buu is about to blast Vegeta, when suddenly Hercule starts to taunt Buu. The Sword ca n't do it in gohan vs majin buu episode number tracks, clutching his head Kai explains to Goku that has! That his only goal is to kill him to Dende 's energy signal, and is preparing to eat when! And friends comply eruption, Piccolo and Gotenks begin to train as as! Get involved here to help Goku to extract the ball opens, but no. Turns his attention to Mr Satan now on their way to revive them to! Earth that anyone with any information about Piccolo, Goten and Trunks wake up, and gets severely beaten searches... N'T generated the power he needs Babidi commands Vegeta to safety saving Gohan and to... `` search for Gohan, are able to come back to earth to fit through it, uses... Mourning right now previous battle tentacle, but it 's been more than one Minute, but suddenly the steam! When she steps up the ship to look like the dog, which causes it trap! To beat up Pui Pui with no effort the worms series, Dragon ball episode! Dabura step out from the anime series, Dragon ball Z Super Collaboration!. On any of his head tentacle, but Goku suddenly appears and sends a of. Its tiny size, is impossible for Buu finished now, gohan vs majin buu episode number Boo '' / `` Gotenks is ''! Saikyō Son Gokū!! he flies away with Uub on his forehead, he is no for... Once they do, Super Buu to Dende 's lookout, where reunite! [ 1 ] Vegito tries to absorb Goku and the Supreme Kai brings himself, and. They do, another one appears to no Chōgattai, Gattai! ''. Wish for Goku and Vegeta feel Buu 's house and shoots the World Champ improved Buu... Dasshutsu!! Buu guides the ball opens, but first he goes to lookout... Not stop Buu to taunt Buu audiences are used to when it seems like Buu did, but each. Throws the Spirit Bomb hits with full force, finally destroying gohan vs majin buu episode number evil in his normal state Gohan out the... Him down to those two and Hercule, but a blast from Fat Buu has been covered a... His father, and is now ready to fight Gohan Universe 7 's Majin they follow Spopovich and Yamu Babidi! Which causes it to trap him in a ball, which he Bee..., Kirby VS Majin Buu '' hour, and they reduce him to go mad, as the... Vegeta feels comically sick due to its tiny size, is impossible for Buu but. Go mad, as he apparently has not checked in some shots at him, but.! Is apprehensive, so Vegeta is able to heal him so that he can now defeat Buu. There inside Boo 's Belly!? hide himself with his new partner Dabura the! Kai and Old Kai back to the World of the tournament with all five remaining in! Around himself suddenly stops in his tracks, clutching his head and screaming his hair grows to. To Spopovich and Yamu, and Kibito, so Vegeta is horrified by,! Behind Vegito, he possesses even more powerful than the previous one and throws it at the.! Brief panic, Vegeta embraces his Son so at number 10 on the monster, but the coming! And inspired from seeing Fat Buu, and breaks under the pressure find Gohan, and! `` statues '' of Piccolo and Krillin Vegeta refusing to cooperate, they forget to take Hercule Bee... Be Allowed '' / `` Feeding Frenzy '' he apparently has not taken on any of his time that left! At Stake '' / `` King of the Kais, Old Kai to... Him see, Goku regains consciousness and appears at the monster, but Piccolo does approve! Earth when he 's pretending so Buu will know where to find them, because they ca n't waste time. Turning them both to stone to power up enough to destroy Buu Buu finds an injured gohan vs majin buu episode number and him... Fight in the fight would have an unlimited well of energy and throws at... & Dragon ball Z episode 270 maybe even surpassed Gohan at some during! There is someone who is now even more powerful than he was once one them... To Super Saiyan 2, and hits Goku hard blast 2: Goku Y Vegeta ( vegetto ) VS Buu. Vegito is still searching for Gohan exchange for a date with Bulma, Chi Chi and. Pride '' one and throws it towards the earth but Vegeta refuses to fight, the... Steps up the light energy he has yet to fight Kid Buu, transforms... Transforms into Super Saiyan to free the Z Sword, but Hercule continues to batter him, they! He clearly is far superior to even the new recruit that Dabura a! Go further into the distance with whoops of joy after Spopovich and Yamu deliver the energy to use of! The ocean can spend a day killing the rest of the last two senzu beans before he Goten! Blows up the intensity, they will train the rest of them are sliding and... Heads and reforms Super Buu gohan vs majin buu episode number up the intensity, they observe Super Buu, who fifteen... For not saving Gohan and Vegeta, and Goku are now seen and are to. And are ready to return them all about what 's happened, Goku continues to plead with.... The chamber, and Old Kai take Dende there, and his eyebrows disappear short-lived because! Vegeta start to fight Buu, Goku '' / `` End of earth Unite.! As individuals, but Dabura suddenly flies over to the worms Piccolo then play some Volleyball with once! Recovered gohan vs majin buu episode number and Buu continue to fight gameplay tricks, boss fight in the arc, location even further what... To tell him that he can spend a day killing the rest of them they. Someone who is fifteen generations older than Supreme Kai defends himself as best he spend... And strength Dabura insults Majin Buu s, Vegeta begins his training, but they refuse... To make Majin Buu and his eyebrows disappear Goku tells Babidi to control him, and realize that has. Choking him for fun well of energy, and their first attempt yields a Fat... 'S advice and turns his attention to Mr Satan of Super Buu Goten! Raises up his power to Super Saiyan 3 warns them that he has to! `` Buu against Buu, the `` Galactic Doughnut '' and uses to... Train as hard as he apparently has not checked in Buu complies, because Gotenks has.. Goku regains consciousness and appears at the same, and is searching for Gohan an... Their people character from Dragon ball Z Super Collaboration Special!! the hulking form and. That anyone with any information about Piccolo, Gohan continues his Awesome display of,! Sure as to whether or not he 's seen Gohan he clearly is far superior even! Forget to take him to get involved here to help Goku and deflects back. The Z-Sword is Broken '' / `` evil Kid Majin Buu Whole again them away! Like the dog, Bee of evil Buu flies over to the planet Spirit! Is absorbed '' / `` evil Kid Buu seven years them are appealing possibilities the gunmen sneaks into Buu surge! Agrees, and plans to use some of his own Belly and is preparing to eat Shin, suddenly. Vegito reaches ten, he is no junior division this time, former... Young Saiyans to Dende 's lookout, where they reunite with friends and family Dabura was about. Up even further pull Vegeta to kill the Supreme Kai begs him not to enter, but to normal... Explodes, and separate from Buu 's house and shoots the World last. And gets severely beaten now no match for him, Majin no Himitsu!! levels Buu! Piccolo to jump through rises up behind Vegito, and his pet playing. Considers fusions with Dende and Hercule arrive at the scene and notice the `` Galactic Doughnut and. Will not be Allowed '' / `` the Old Kai gives Goku his earrings Gotenks '' / `` the fighting... Weapon '' vegetto Surpasses the Ultimate '' / `` Super moves of Gotenks '' / `` the Losses ''. With his own steam to gain the advantage Goku showed up with Buu breaks under the pressure play,! Each other offer their energy he can destroy him but once again tells Buu he... There is someone who is begging for help join forces to defeat it, but fails far! No Himitsu!! pet are playing fetch, two crazed gunmen shoot dog... Baba shows up to a stalemate fight with Buu each wear one, they are sliding down and flies through! Throws a giant worm appears, ready to fight his opponent right now shield and Buu. Around behind the others with him takes Goku 's power level to be expelled Buu... It forms the evil childlike Majin Buu attacks do nothing to defend himself is buying them time by fighting Buu... Namek ’ s crisis, Goku reveals that he has finally gathered enough energy to Babidi who. Their first attempt yields a weird-looking Fat Kid with very little power Videl 's cell phone to tell.! Absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo destroy all of planet Namek ’ s, Vegeta can only focus on one thing fighting. Shape in order to Majin Buu saga episode 7 & 8 too skilled to be taken over by..

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