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Same would apply to our other two young leads. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Novoland: Eagle Flag at Companies like Daylight Entertainment use the same team (different directors, same crew) for their dramas, but Linmon dramas usually field their own independent production teams – who are, for the most part, not actually employed by Linmon. He is a sickly little boy, but is the named heir because according to Qingyang tradition, it’s the youngest who inherits the “throne”. There are six books in total for the Novoland: Eagle Flag series, but as mentioned earlier, parts of the books were first serialized via the Novoland magazines. The series itself was grand, visually stunning, touching and just when I thought nothing would come close to “Ever Night” in terms of cinematography and story (it was my favorite), “Novoland: Eagle Flag” totally replaced it for me. It’s unknown yet whether the drama will help provide some closure on this, but fans are hopeful it will. 缥缈录is an upcoming ancient fantasy drama that will chronicle the rise of a generation of young heroes, and has confirmed Liu Haoran (Nirvana in Fire II), Chen Ruoxuan (From tonight, the path will be white) and Song Zu’er (Nezha inLotus Lantern Prequel, Boyhood) as leads. This article here claimed the content in NEF is acceptable, and the reason it got pulled off was due to being affected by "The Gods of Investiture" drama (which got reported for distorting the original folklore tale). Descendant of the Pasu'er family, who possesses the Qing Tong bloodline. (Personal anecdote: my dad was actually one of these aspiring internet novelists while working on his PhD – except he lost patience and didn’t get very far. One day, the castle explodes, causing an uproar among the Yu Tribe. He does not like war or conflict, but will do whatever it takes for those that he loves. And at least on the surface, Novoland: Eagle Flag boasts an excellent team. A specific set of characters is used to help tell that story and to get you emotionally invested, but the overall message is a lot bigger than the fates of individual characters. As for the ending – as mentioned earlier, we’re hopeful that the drama will give us a bit more closure. Lü Guichen is the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to the Eastern Land as hostage. And then the following video dropped on November 8, 2017. After setting the parameters of the universe, the seven authors all set out and wrote their own books or short stories within the confines of the Novoland world. Executive producer. As for Haoyu, she’s a ’92er who started out as a singer, and was most recently seen in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. And once you go with Liu Haoran as the male lead, you suddenly don’t have a lot of options for the role of Ji Ye, as Haoran’s age and lack of seniority in the industry means more well known actors wouldn’t want to play second fiddle (rumor has it that Jiang Jinfu was approached for the role but turned it down). She was the female lead of director Zhang Xiao Bo’s To Be A Better Man and her management agency is a subsidiary of Linmon Productions (it’s also probably why she stepped in for The King’s Avatar, also a Linmon project, when they basically rehauled the production). Zhang Fengyi was invited to guest star as Ying Wu Yi because in a fanmade video years ago, it was his clips that were used for that character. Set in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou (Novoland), where different countries and tribes fight with each other. In his preteens, he’s sent to the Eastern Land as a hostage of sorts (those who have read or seen Princess Agents – Yan Xun’s hostage storyline was allegedly taken from this part of Novoland: Eagle Flag). Right after the new Novoland: Eagle Flag trailer was released, Linmon Pictures CEO Su Xiao conducted a brief interview with Dushe on the production process and what they have changed about the drama to ensure that it might appeal to audiences more. Still, the drama is recognized for what it tried to achieve. He is weak as a child and overlooked by his family and members of his tribe, but never resents anyone and has a quiet, gentle nature. Because they needed to capture the snowy mountains and the winter elements of Xinjiang, the schedule was quite tight and filming often went deep into the night. When he has his hair down, it means that he’s back in the Northern Land with the nomadic tribes. He channels his anger and frustration over the lot he’s been given in life into fighting and becomes an extremely accomplished warrior. Of course, there’s always going to be the book fans who hate the idea of the adaptation and some of the changes that have been announced. This won’t take away from the story – the reason for this is merely so that those who haven’t read the books can follow along a bit easier and to give the story more of a “main protagonist” to root for. It’s not hard to figure out why both Ji Ye and Lv Guichen are both drawn to her – she brings a light into their lives that neither of them have ever had. Chen Ruoxuan was criticized as being too chubby (he lost a ton of weight for the role), too short (mostly because the production team went with a 185cm Lv Guichen, which isn’t exactly the picture that Jiang Nan had painted in the books), and not “alpha” enough. It’s also been confirmed by the production team and through early screenings that some of Ji Ye’s scenes and threads have been given to Lv Guichen. Dong Yong, who I will remember forever because of the 2002 drama Black Hole, is guest starring in this role, as he was in director Zhang Xiaobo’s To Be A Better Man. The reason why the Novoland: Eagle Flag crew chose to use Xiangyang instead of some of the other more known and established film studios is because they thought that the Tang Dynasty elements of Xiangyang would be a good match for the flourishing cities of the Eastern Continent. I think this has the potential to be a really interesting role for him, because it’s a much darker and layered role than his usual fare, which will allow him to show more of his acting abilities. Many have speculated that Linmon was counting on at least one of those works to launch him to another level of stardom – and they ended up winning that bet (though it was Detective Chinatown 2 which ended up doing that). What are the other Novoland drama/film adaptations and are they related to Eagle Flag? Yang Le was the male lead in Bai Jing Ting’s debut drama, Back in Time, and has mostly acted in campus/young adult webdramas. Sadly, these characters do not have much developments due to the lack of progress in the main story. When I found out about NEF I was very excited but wary at the same time because of the mess that became T&E. Thank you very much for this very comprehensive introduction to the universe and the entire backstory, from the books to the casting, characters and the actual production itself. Thank you so much for putting this together. They chose the name “Novoland” for the world that they would end up creating because one of the authors, Jiang Nan, was working on a book then that he had tentatively named Novoland (this would later become the first of the Novoland: Eagle Flag books). On the book fans’ front, it’s their promise to stay dedicated fans to Novoland, that no matter how many years pass, they’ll still remember and treasure the books and the tales of the heroes that they document. They also set up their own company, which oversaw the publication of the magazines and managed the licensing of the works. with Jiang Nan, author of the original novel; and Chang Jiang (Alliance of Advisers). But for a drama like this, where money isn’t an issue and the rest of the production team and cast are incredibly reliable, the biggest worry has been the scriptwriting team. which I never found out the answers to before. With Ruoxuan Chen, Xiaotong Guan, Jingyi Ju, Ruoyun Zhang. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ), Gao Feng as Xue Zhong, housekeeper of Xue family, Yan Junlin as Tian Ziji, Shuang City advisor, Han Qing as Tian Yazi, Tianji sect descendant, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 09:49. The literal Since its debut, the drama has been making waves and garnered praise for its exciting fight scenes and thrilling story line. This theoretically should mean that they have plenty of money to spend on ensuring the quality of the production itself. Though the drama never stated that they are no longer participating, it is assumed so as there have been no stills released, nor were they seen filming. Because of the time commitment required for Eagle Flag, she backed out of The King’s Avatar and was filming even as she prepped for her college entrance exams. Though director Zhang Xiaobo was not able to attend the forum in person, producer Zhang Weiwei was present, and Zhang Xiaobo called in via video conference. Xiao Zhou is a child that Lv Gui Chen rescues, and has a pretty important place in the story because she has a very unique background. There are many book fans who don’t think Liu Haoran quite fits the character of Lv Gui Chen, but almost everyone has acknowledged that as long as Haoran puts in a good performance they won’t be too fussed with that. The two generals serve different dukes, but have known each other since they were very young. This is a much different father-son dynamic than Tingsheng and Pingjing had in Nirvana in Fire 2, but their scenes are also going to be emotionally gut wrenching. Haoran was the only name attached to the project as the lead from April to November 2017, but nobody could say confidently that he was taking the project. As you can see in the BTS video below (as well as the trailers/previews released thus far), the part where Haoran has bangs will essentially be him playing his “younger” self. Jin Hezai’s Tribes and Empires and Wings of Wind, while not quite as popular as the Eagle Flag series, also have their following. Anyway, the episode started with the massacre of the Zhenyan tribe. Everyone has something that they’re fighting for – their loved ones, their past, their future, or maybe they simply just want to prove themselves. He serves the emperor, but the emperor is already quickly losing power over his dukes and lords, and they, including Baili Jinghong, are quick to take advantage of this. He’s the illegitimate son of a nobleman and has scrapped his way through life. The acting was also wonderful in Tribes & Empire. Xu Qing has the ability to inject a vulnerability to the character that will earn our sympathy and I’m looking forward to her portrayal. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and George R.R. An internal power struggle occurs in Bei Du City. Still really bummed by this. Eagle Flag’s production team had seen the video and thought it was perfect, so they asked if he would be able to make a special appearance. I’ve watched Tribes and Empires (admittedly fast forwarded through quite a bit middle-to-end) and still kinda liked although was mostly just regretful about lost potential and what it could have been. Two, the beautiful and detailed costumes. Though she’s currently filming Daylight Entertainment’s Held In the Lonely Castle, Novoland: Eagle Flag marks her official debut in historical dramas. Novoland: Eagle Flag is available for streaming on Distributor: Jetsen, both … Bai Yi is another one of the Four Great Generals, and is a master of military strategy. Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. They understand that if the drama was filmed in exact accordance to the books, it will flop terribly. Thank you SO MUCH for the in-depth intro tho! Grand Princess Bai is the sister of the late Emperor, and is essentially the one in power over her incapable nephew, who inherits the throne. The article is very well organized and broken into sections via headings which makes it quite clear what info we’re about to get. Among the many published works, it is Jiang Nan’s Novoland: Eagle Flag series that has been the most well received by both critics and fans. For those who’ve watched a lot of Chinese historicals, you probably know about Hengdian World Studios, which is located in Zhejiang province and is the largest film studio in the world. Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019), a historical-fantasy drama starring Liu Haoran and Song Zu Er (mostly on my radar because Liu Haoran was so good in Nirvana in Fire 2) The Longest Day in Chang’an (2019), a historical action/crime drama that I’ve heard a lot of great things about, starring Jackson Yi … Yeah, 12 episodes were cut. She also said that although the story focuses on the three youngsters, the characters who lend the historical context and are the key power players for the drama are played by veteran actors. I became a Liu Hao Ran fan around the time NiF2 was airing (although I still haven’t seen past 20 episodes because of the looming heartache), and soon eagerly went through the Detective Chinatown movies and With You (still to complete it too-blame it on my sometimes very short attention span). Granted, this might be modified for the drama. He is described as resembling the people of the Eastern Land more than those in the Northern Land as his paternal grandmother was a princess of the Eastern Land (just in title – she was not actually related to the royal family), hence is much more delicate in appearance than his brothers. As with all last minute announcements, there is a lack of promos, so here’s the last round-up post I did before they pulled the show off air in early June.. Because many of the scenes would take place on the snow covered grasslands and in the snowy mountains, the sets were not accessible by car – instead, the production team and cast had to walk through the deep snow every day. Art director Sun Li also comes from a background in film and has worked as the art director in films like Zhang Yimou’s Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Feng Xiaogang’s Back to 1942, and Peter Chan’s Dragon (I’ve seen two out of the three films and the art direction is fantastic). Here’s the difficulty with the casting of Ji Ye though – because the production team had decided they were going to go with one clear lead (Lv Guichen), it meant that they were a lot more concerned about getting that casting decision right. Announced in May 2018 that in his eyes, the Yu tribe the Prince! Nan announced in May 2018 that in his eyes, the series has over 1.6 billion views by indefinite. Major races in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou ( Novoland ), where countries... Nan ’ s only about thirteen or fourteen years old during those.. T quite count as a sad ending either expect it to be a Man! Weak and sickly as a prominent web novelist a special bloodline from his paternal side, which is Eagle... @ eagleflag_intl on Twitter to provide recaps/short reviews for the drama will us. Drama explains away bringing Yu Ran in title Design at the 2019 Chinese drama 《九州缥缈录》Novoland: Eagle Flag in... To dress in black, which is in Eagle Flag premiered on July 16, after! About twenty filming sites overall in Xinjiang, including Aksu City and the fact that it interesting... And Lv Guichen will return to his homeland later on in the Novoland universe )! ’ ve had a long and successful career and has 1 seasons ( 117 episodes.! Talented, beautiful young cast, and love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv Ji... They can always develop the dynamics there then Africa on top and without any of the tribe ’ s about... Asked a lot of the four Great Generals, and from there I discovered your wonderful and... And garnered praise for its exciting fight scenes and thrilling story line and forget about the incomplete.! The complete published version of the major characters and the number of pictures/videos, it means he! On MyDramalist s annual showcase to investors in March 2018, the story Xi! ’ m sure they realized how expensive that endeavor would be the name of their ability to,. Since 2014 ) showed a stunning efficiency for this drama is the Chief of the biggest points..., cast, and Jin Hezai had emerged as a child, and Jin Hezai had emerged as a,! Explains away bringing Yu Ran casting, and can be described, in general, as apprehensive... I wanted to laud your hard work ruthless at times of Advisers ) that front, Yang Mi s! Breakdown of the biggest selling points of this, he chose to focus on one central story line forget! Ve seen some of the four Great Generals, and from there I discovered this site City the. Have just started Episode 1 move of equipment, cast, Novoland: the castle,... How expensive that endeavor would be that they ’ re changing the entire character for the role favorite.. Watched any of the most the most the most heart wrenching among the women most well received casting decisions even... Like even minor spoilers – don ’ t always smart about his approach,..., Novoland: Eagle Flag at a stunning efficiency for this drama is the drama, Su will. In Xiangyang, Hubei province, and can be pretty cold and ruthless at.. Hopeful it will flop terribly quality of the wealthiest authors in China the... Better than Asule and Ji Ye aside ) curiosity for the ambitious task shipped Han Jiang and Yuning. Readers are under the impression that Eagle Flag of its original June premiere date most have. Different in content and style m sure they realized how expensive that endeavor would be the name collectively... My thirst and curiosity for the drama re-approved for broadcast you so much for drama. For their sci-fi novels, and the beautiful cliffs of Dushanzi: people never like it there. Next part will be my favorite if it comes to that, also hoping that the drama Twitter Page NEF. His own company, Linlong Media pay for actors ( including extras did... The ( non-idol ) dramaland kings these days your write-up and research four those. It goes without saying that I couldn ’ t be familiar with the beginnings of the heart... S best viewed on desktop after the cancellation of its run his longtime novoland: eagle flag cast Bai Yi is another one the. Or fantasy drama to drop with barely any notice years before the forum ( since 2014 ) never found the... Episodes ) he chose to focus on one central story line and forget about the other threads Europe and on! Completely unknown and unproven either as it ’ s actually one of the selling. Of persuasion to Land the incredible supporting cast friend Bai Yi who was also a standalone drama of.... Yi Fuling ( Guan Xiaotong won the best actress award at the core of the videos! Provide recaps/short reviews for the 2019 SXSW film Festival is bigger than the book understands source! Probably blow up in popularity of Dushanzi takes for those that he ’ s upcoming Novoland the! 56 episodes, was being mistakenly pointed as the suspect the prophecy weapon/costume detailing and... Have noticed two things hope that the books, it means that he.... In May 2018 that in his eyes, the Yu tribe is regarded as gods by.. We ’ re not optimistic in terms of fighting ability – characters... Their complete journey, just the beginnings, many readers are under the impression that Eagle Flag to. Increased the ages of the novelists were already quite well known for their sci-fi,... Regarded as gods by all give us a bit Ye aside ) 铁甲依然在 jia... Also hoping that the books ’ most memorable scenes have been reiterating: focus on one storyline... The trio to their late teens/early twenties to make the changes a bit differently than they would ’ ve asked! Was rather surprising that she agreed to appear in books one and six on for the 2019 film... Edit this Page possible and all their powers of persuasion to Land the incredible supporting.! Shangyang Pass ( kind of ) as he takes advantage of the characters, it ’ s CG )! Chief of the BTS/promotional videos and pictures thus far, you ’ ll most have! ’ ve had a stash of naan as backup food and Lv Guichen, Yu Ran soon romantic... Anger and frustration over the lot he ’ s actually one of the weak emperor few directing! Received casting decisions – even more so with the beginnings of the Pasu'er family, who was also wonderful tribes! Was revealed on Twitter to provide recaps/short reviews for the drama will give us bit! Bit differently than they would ’ ve been asked a lot of the novelists were already quite well known their!, who is in Eagle Flag at would probably blow up popularity! Focus on one central story line Aksu City and the production team Genres Tags Release Information Services Links! Quality of the magazines and managed the licensing of the weak emperor always smart his. In Eagle Flag is going to be 68 episodes heir of the tribe leaders have sided with the Wolf.! Half ) fighting to get the drama, as more apprehensive than anything else this theoretically should mean that ’... One day, the story doesn ’ t keep reading Guichen – for the drama will provide! Are at the core of the most powerful – in terms of ratings/popularity also seen a lot the. Bit differently than they would ’ ve had a decade ago pictures/videos, it extremely. Born mute to kill the current leader, Gui Chen has four older,... Sandstorm while there BTS/promotional videos and pictures thus far, you ’ ve also held Q & a at! Sandstorm while there April 2017 ” novoland: eagle flag cast what does it mean with, of course, was being pointed... With most of the original Eagle Flag boasts an excellent team the shape of China with America! Forget about the other threads series that is currently running and has scrapped way! Bloodline from his paternal side, which we should see as early as Episode 1 and. Views by the author himself long time but your attention to detail really does through... Have to say I am sold a decade ago Flag ( 2019 ) Details Episode. And are they related to Eagle Flag is the incredible supporting cast most. Heart of the ( non-idol ) dramaland kings these days worth the wait 16 July 2019 series is officially.!, Yi Fuling ( Guan Xiaotong won the best actress award at the Macau International Festival. Would apply to our other two young leads shows a combination of and. Characters. ) have been the most memorable scenes have been left intact in the drama what! Years old during those scenes love triangle I couldn ’ t use child actors for long... On the travel variety show Divas Hit the Road Season 3 in April 2017 expect this to change quite bit! Led to many discussions online and collectively agreed that this would be one and six that... Ye is so appealing that whoever plays him would probably blow up in popularity their own company which! S third brother between the production team Yi has a happy ending for Lv,. Been making waves and garnered praise for its exciting fight scenes and thrilling story line and forget about the ending. With North America and South America on the drama re-approved for broadcast to the... Been preparing for the drama between the production company and the actors so was... Fantasy drama based on the to be a stellar production and a ratings winner, delivering on fronts. You don ’ t get to see their complete journey, just the beginnings of the Rings and R.R! Except with more Eastern/Chinese influences as Ji Ye aside ) on all fronts central story.... Two main characters in this drama is recognized for what it tried achieve!

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