ammonia evaporative condenser

Recold JC Evaporative Condenser SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, evaporative condensers and air cooled heat exchangers. Evaporative Condenser. The liquid ammonia flows into a holding tank, from where it is circulated as a coolant in various raw CO 2 and oil coolers as indicated by ‘HP NH 3 ’ labels in Fig. Belt: 2B154. The CXVT is available with XE (Extreme Efficiency) models to further reduce operating costs. Ammonia Air Cooling. Fan Brushing. Alipay Includes (2) 7.5 HP fan motors & 5HP pump. Product Range. Satisfied customers in more than 60 countries in Middle East, America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Shanghai KUB Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Victory Hot-Cooing Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou Loman Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing New Donor Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Venttech Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Shandong Huaxin Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. Luoyang Gaohua Environmental Cooling Technology Co., Ltd. Shaoxing Shangyu Xinye Foodstuff Machinery Co., Ltd. Tianjin Hitrees Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Shandong Dingjiang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shandong 72 Degree Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shenglin M&E Technology Co., Ltd. china evaporative condenser manufacturers. An evaporative condenser integrates the intermediate heat exchanger, secondary pump piping & cooling tower into a single unit. WXRD Series Evaporative Condenser is a kind of high-efficient heat exchange equipment which comes into being on the basis of absorbing the most advanced foreign heat-exchange technology. IBC Compliant XLP2 Evaporative Condenser Reliable Year Round Operation Powerband Belts — The fans, motor, and drive system are located outside of the moist discharge airstream, protecting them from moisture, condensation and icing. piping to and from the evaporative condenser has a direct effect on their operation and the overall energy efficiency of the refrigeration system. 2*40HQ container If you have question about the product or the company, please feel free to Production Flow Ammonia Evaporative Condenser Production And Installation Process Customer Visited Customers From America ,Australia,Thailand,India, South America ,Saudi Arabia Etc . However, a lower condensing temperature and lower $20,000 Lifetime; EC Motor/Fan System.Savings: $68,000 Lifetime; Maximum reliability and up-time The addition of fill surface to the traditional evaporative condenser design reduces evaporation in the coil section, reducing the potential for scaling and fouling. Taobao Global Onetouch Used Ammonia Evaporative Condenser, Evaporative Condensers, Baltimore Aircoil Evaporative Consenser, Evapco Evaporative Condenser, Recold Evaporative Condenser Genemco evaporative condensers Toll Free 877-268-5865 Low speed, fully guarded fans insure quiet operation. Some of the modern plants use a thermosyphon design for the holding tank so that the ammonia recirculation is induced naturally. * Water Flow Rate: m³ /h (Explanations: How many Tons of water required per hour9) * Inlet Water Temp. IDC3 induced draft, axial fan, evaporative condenser is designed to reduce installation time by incorporating new alignment features and a robust construction. - Increased Water Flow Over the Coil The spray water flow rate over the coil plan area is more than twice that of conventional units. Another important part of an evaporative condenser is the water distribution system. Steel coil construction, with drift eliminators included. The term evaporative condenser is defined as comprising a coil in which the refrigerant is flowing and condensing inside, and its out surface is wetted with water and exposed to stream of air to which heat is rejected principally by evaporation of water. Ammonia Condensers. Since an evaporative condenser is not a pressure vessel, it is not a black and white requirement as it is for the vessels throughout a refrigeration system. WXRD Series Evaporative Condenser uses water and air as cooling medium. Ø Our teams, containing excellent experienced technicians , always provide top quality solution. ) For nearly a century, we have provided exceptional quality equipment and service to the HVAC, process cooling, industrial, and refrigeration markets. Includes (1) 7.5 HP fan motor. With firm commitment to quality, we are presenting for our clients excellent quality Industrial Evaporative Condenser that are widely used for cooling applications. If there is any product quality problems, we will return processing, and is responsible in the end. : °C (Explanations: Temperature of cooled water, usually it shall be at least 3~4 °C higher than the wet-bulb temp. Shut Off Valves. ammonia 1000kw heat exchange evaporative condenser for blast freezer room, BAC Heat Exchanger Ammonia Evaporator Coil Evaporative Condenser. Wherever our machines are, they are widely praised and won good evaluation from the vast majority of customers. 11.1. All rights reserved. The industry’s largest access door (68” H x 20” W): Savings. ASE. 696 tons using R-717(ammonia) at a 96.3ºF condensing temperature, a 20ºF suction temperature, and a 78ºF wet-bulb temperature. Figure 3 indicates that the evaporative condenser performance has degraded over time. The compressed ammonia is cooled in an evaporative condenser to produce pressurized liquid ammonia. Ammonia Refrigeration Valves. Intellectual Property Protection Steel coil construction, with drift eliminators included. | The condensers provided by us are manufactured with the using of best quality raw material and latest technology in tune with set industry quality standards. Thermal Capacity: 540 - 2,114 tons 3; Crossflow // Axial Fan // Induced Draft The coils are generally made of copper steel in multiple circuits and passes. The liquid drain line is properly sloped and a relief valve from the condenser. A wide variety of ammonia evaporative condenser options are available to you, such as competitive price, long service life, and high-accuracy. In a paper, titled « Comparing evaporative and air cooled condensing for ammonia systems », presented at the last IIAR Conference, the author Doug Scott from VaCom Technologies (La Verne, CA), reports on the results of a study measuring efficiency and utility costs of refrigerated warehouses using ammonia refrigeration systems in six U.S. cities, comparing evaporative and air cooled condensing. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 Horizontal shell and tube ammonia condenser, which are available in different capacity ranging from 5TR to 400 TR. BAC VC2-982 Evaporative Condenser. An Industrial Evaporative Condenser designed to combine reliability with easy maintenance. The actual capacity is about 40% less than the manufacturer’s rated capacity. Water out of the heated air is baffled to the PVC heat-exchange fill. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2021 a new evaporative condenser to one which has been in service for a few years. Fluid Coolers. 浙B2-20120091. Shut Off Valves. single condenser illustrated in Figure 3. Colmac condensers are available in almost any configuration and footprint thanks to our parametric design system. : °C (Explanations: Temperature of hot water to be cooled) (also descriped as "water temperature drop") * Outlet Water Temp. Ammonia Evaporative Condenser , Find Complete Details about Ammonia Evaporative Condenser,Cooling Tower,Evaporator Condenser,Water Cooling Tower from Cooling Tower Supplier or Manufacturer-Wuxi Sanjiu Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. A shell and tube condenser (heat exchanger) is the most common type of heat exchanger used in refrigeration industry. Engineering Bulletin - Subcooler Assembly, Colmac Coil and Refrigeracion Y Soluciones De Frio Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, "Innovation of the Year" Awarded to Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Australian Patent Awarded to Bruce Nelson, CO2 Evaporator Technical Bulletin Release, DX Ammonia Piping Handbook 4th Edition Published, Fiberglass Drainpans Offer Exclusive Benefits, R744 Welcomes Colmac Coil as a Bronze Sponsor, Colmac Freezers Used for Fish Processing in Alaska, Colmac Coil Offers Virtual Trainings to Customers During Covid-19, Corrosion resistant construction - Mill galvanized housing, plated steel fan guards, aluminum (3/4 and 1 Hp) or galvanized steel (2 Hp) fan blades; low speed, fully guarded fans for quiet operation, Built-in lifting eyes, and easy-to-install legs, make rigging and installation fast, Compartmented fans to prevent short circuiting of air during fan cycling, Units designed for efficient fan cycle control with UL508 listed control panels, Versatile cabinet design for vertical or horizontal airflow, Condenser coil is made of 5/8" dia aluminum tubes, and high efficiency aluminum plate-type fins with selfspacing collars; low internal volume reduces overall ammonia system charge inventory, Exclusive Colmac "Full Floating Core" coil support system eliminates tubesheet leaks by shifting support of the coil core from tubes to fins; special "Wear Guards" allow expansion and contraction of fins and tubes without chafing or wearing of tubes or fins, Special fin coatings for corrosion resistance, Stainless steel tube, aluminum fin construction, Factory mounted and wired fused disconnect, Factory wired low-ambient head pressure control.

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